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Pollution Control Technologies

About Pollution Control Technologies

Pollution Control Technologies is a company that specializes in flue gas emissions and controls. More specifically, Pollution Control Technologies designs and manufactures sorbents for mercury emissions control.


X-FA™ sorbent is a material comprised largely of the power plant’s byproduct: fly ash (>95%). X-FA and the sorbent production unit is intelligently designed system that provides the largest mercury controls benefit to the operator based on its specific demand needs. X-FA sorbent is produced on-site and on-demand by reclaiming available fly ash. On-site X-FA system offers the operator significant economic benefit in terms of saving costs on  large volume, continuous activated carbon purchases. In many cases X-FA sorbent performance is superior over activated carbon sorbents. X-FA production involves a patented fly ash coating technology with an activator that explicitly targets mercury.

Flue Gas Testing Services

Pollution Control Technologies offers complete flue gas testing services including relative accuracy test audits according to EPA reference test methods.



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